Italy week comes to a close today, and what perfect timing, a very special package arrived at my doorstep from Sorrento, Italy this afternoon, and I can’t help but gush about the sender.I fell in love with the artwork of a local Sorrentine artist on my last visit to Italy. Her name is Rosalinda Acampora and I first saw examples of her vibrant artwork in the fabulous boutique hotel, La Minervetta. I asked the owner of the hotel, a well-known interior designer, who the artist was, and he gave me her name and telephone number. He is a huge fan of her work and uses her paintings to decorate some of the most fabulous hotels along the Amalfi Coast. You can see tons of her work on the website of the nearby hotel Capo La Gala as well.

Rosa Linda came to meet me in the lobby of the hotel, we reviewed many of her pieces via her handy iPad, we discussed a price, and just like that, I had commissioned a painting! I was most impressed by the massive hand-painted headboards she created for a luxury boutique hotel. Basically, if you can dream it, Rosa Linda can create it.

Rosa Linda covers many different subject matter, from the sea, to flowers, vegetables, cakes and sweets, the Madonna, plants, traditional italian terra cotta vases and the like. She is so talented that I am certain there are no limits to what she can paint.

What I love about the almost 6ft. painting she did for me is the perfect balance and the intricateness with which she incorporated all the creatures of the sea. A piece like this takes Rosa Linda two entire weeks of work to complete and the level of detail that goes into each stroke of the paint brush are apparent. The colors she uses are bright and brilliant and pop off the canvas.

Rosa Linda will ship anywhere in the world, and my painting arrived in Boston from Sorrento in perfect condition; she packaged and wrapped the painting with extreme precision.

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