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Maison la Minervetta

The Hotel La Minervetta was built in the 50s by Giovanni Cacace hotel owner of Sorrento, and Wanda Schwartz, a Danish woman in love with Sorrento.
Don Luigi, a nephew, managed it for 20 years, then entrusting the management to others.
In 2006 it returned to Cacace Family and it was restored.

Today the Minervetta has become the house for all travellers.
Collections and family furnishings, memories of trips.
Design objects, art, Vietri pottery and many books.

La Maison perched on the ridge overlooking the sea, is a 15-minutes walk from the historic center.
With a private staircase you can reach the fishing village of Marina Grande.

Going down to the marina the small Mediterranean garden carved into the rock with a tank nestled between the greenery and the Vesuvius.
From the living room to the large breathtaking terrace on Sorrento and the gulf.

All rooms have a view on the sea and Marina Grande.

In the morning breakfast is made in the kitchen, the heart of the home, a small “Mediterranean brunch.

Some parts of the text may have been taken from the property’s main site.

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