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Lemon of Sorrento: when yellow meets blue

The lemon is an image and an icon that is part of local art and is painted on ceramics and sewn on tablecloths and household linen. Its straw-yellow skin, abundant and intense juice, its unique shape have always been a source of inspiration for artists, writers and intellectuals. At 47, in the artist Rosalinda Acampora’s shop, you can buy the “Limonata” plates collection and order custom-made ceramics. The shop specializes in creations of vases, plates, tables and tiles, ranging from classic to innovative and contemporary styles. This art workshop exhibits unique pieces with decorations inspired by the typical tradition, culture and landscape of the Sorrento peninsula. A place, like many in the city, where the richness of the territory is enhanced and where the oval of Sorrento dominates the collective imagination.


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