If you purchase as a “consumer”, you benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity to which the seller is bound by law on every good sold (“Legal Warranty”).

The Legal Guarantee guarantees the asset against defects in conformity with the sales contract.

According to the law, in case of applicability of the Legal Guarantee, you will have the right to restore without charge the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement, or, if this is not possible, a reduction in the purchase price or termination of the contract.


Being that the products are handmade all measurements could be variable and the works may not be perfect.

The warranty covers defects within 15 days of discovery. Being handmade materials, the guarantee may vary over time depending on the evaluation given by the seller.

Therefore all works may not be similar to each other, they may have minimal defectiveness. In case of serious defectiveness of the product of the product send an email to indicating in the subject the order number and the type of defect with attached photo.

47 srl makes every effort to make its works exclusive and priceless, so that the customer is always 100% satisfied. For any other clarification please contact the email indicated above.

47 srl is not responsible in case of insignificant differences between the purchased goods and their illustrative images and text descriptions published on our site, being that the images are demonstrative.


47 srl ensures all shipments. In case a broken product arrives we invite you to follow the return procedure and inform 47 srl, so that you can provide video/image evidence and you will be immediately refunded or returned the product.