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Art on the table: Rosalinda Acampora’s dishes

The Italian painter Rosalinda Acampora lives and works in Sorrento, the land that inspires all her works. In her studio flowers, seafood and land fruits come to life. The artist creates several works including paintings and she expresses the best of herself in the decoration of ceramics. Among her most beautiful works, there are ceramics with geometric shapes and plates with tomatoes and peppers, with which their intense red lotus become the protagonists of every table. Rosalinda Acampora’s handmade ceramics, are also often used in some prestigious restaurants. Among the most recent and fruitful collaborations, there is the one with chef Alois Vanlangenaeker. She also created the cover of the Belgian-born chef’s book who today manages the Carlino restaurant of the San Pietro hotel in Positano (Salerno).


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