Art, high craftsmanship and research: the Pop Gallery of the Capri Palace is renewed

A pottery collection exclusively designed for the Capri palace by the painter Rosalinda; the oneiric sculptures by Paolo Sandulli that tell the stories of sea and mermaids; the sea urchins and the artist ceramics of Rosario Renino; the photographs “Capri a metà” by the Caprese Alessandro Catuogno: these are just some of the proposals of the Pop Gallery, which is dedicated to art, design and high craftsmanship of the Capri Palace. The palace has been renewed in 2011 expanding its spaces and focusing on a collection made in Campania.
The laboratory to which the project has been handed is not a simple shop, but a creative laboratory of ideas and unique pieces born from the inspiration of carefully chosen artists, craftsmen and designers who were asked to create objects exclusively for the Pop Gallery. Below presented the pottery line designed for the table by the Sorrento painter Rosalinda Acampora: they are vases, jugs and plates of different sizes with innovative designs and contemporary taste that reflect marine and terrestrial motifs. This is a sample collection colored with garfish and sea urchins, octopus and starfish tentacles and then artichokes and other vegetables, all in the style of the young Sorrento artist.
The sculptor and painter Paolo Sandulli, famous for his half-length female busts with sea sponges for hair and portraits of fish women that evoke mythical tales, created a series of sculptures of female figures in terracotta on glass, made for the Pop Gallery, who are bathers with abundant shapes and giant octopuses, starfish, mask, snorkel and life jacket.
The Neapolitan architect and designer Rosario Renino instead puts his signature on a series of unique objects entirely handmade with chisel points: not only the famous urchins, but lamps, candle holders, vases and bowls where the marine element recurs in minimal and stylized silhouettes. .
The photograps exhibited in different formats an in the original souvenir-box are taken by the photographer Alessandro Catuogno: images of great awesomeness that portray the island and the sea with extraordinary chromatic and expressive power.
Alongside the limited editions and unique objects, the Pop Gallery also offers products for home and table, result of a constant research both in Campania and Italy that is continuously updated: quality objects, for their workmanship and design, ideally made for wedding lists, signature souvenirs and gifts.


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